Round Table: “Decolonialising the Gaze: Contemporary Creations & Cinema”

Among the current issues that have been gaining more and more attention is the conversation regarding decolonisation. This round table analises the initiatives carried out by art institutions, as well as the critical look of contemporary creation and cinema, towards a changing world. Addressing post-colonial processes, migration, inequalities, multiculturalism and the new identity processes of the last decades.

This event is organised in collaboration with the University of Seville.

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Rafael Ángel Rodriguez López, PhD in Film, Music and Advertising in the Heritage programme at the University of Cordoba and Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Malaga, has focused his research work in the field of communication, specifically on the joint use of image and music as tools for persuasive communication, advertising and publicity, thus attending to the audiovisual analysis of a multitude of film and television archives. At the same time, he continues to specialise in the field of audiovisual communication and composition in order to acquire new knowledge, resources and analysis techniques with the aim of constantly improving his research and educational training. Complementing this professional and research work, he is currently editor of the scientific journal of television series and audiovisual art, “SERIEARTE” (ISSN 2792-8713) of the University of Cordoba.

Yassine Chouati is an artist and researcher born in Tangier. In recent years he has been a finalist in the Prix Mustaqbal of the Fondation TGCC in Casablanca, as well as in the Open Portfolio of the FIG Bilbao. He has also exhibited at the Museo Casa Redonda in Chihuahua, Mexico, the GIBCA in Gothenburg, Sweden and the Borderless exhibition in Beirut, Lebanon. He has been selected to take part in workshops with artists such as Cristina Iglesias at the Botín Foundation, Joan Fontcuberta in the 12 Miradas: Riverside programme and David Arteagoitia at the Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation. He combines his artistic work with a research facet thanks to a Predoctoral Contract in the Drawing Department of the University of Seville where he graduated in Fine Arts, Master in Art, Idea and Production, and Master in Teacher Training. As part of his research, he made several stays in internationally renowned institutions such as the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen, the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki or the MediaLab of the Federal University of Goiás. Currently, she is developing a doctoral research that studies the process of decolonisation of artistic knowledge, focusing on the experience of uprootedness in the creation of contemporary artists in the diaspora from the MENA region. Since 2017, he has been a member of the Research Group: Graphics and Digital Creation and since 2021 he has been collaborating with the project Club Benjamin, Contemporary Dramaturgies Theatre against Oblivion.

PhD in Art History and Professor of Art History at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Seville. He has collaborated with the IAPH since the foundation of the institution where he has coordinated different projects related to the cataloguing of movable heritage, both nationally and in Latin America, and the study of cultural landscapes, the most important of which was carried out for the European Union’s Commission for Culture, The Landscape Laboratory for the Culture2000 Program. He is the author of numerous books and articles and has curated several exhibitions for institutions such as the Junta de Andalucia, AC/E (Acción Cultural Española), SGAE (Sociedad General de Autores), the Ministry of Culture and the National Library. He is currently director of the Secretariat of Cultural Heritage and co-director of the Centre for Cultural Initiatives of the University of Seville.

Beatriz Mbula is a versatile actress and creator with great initiative in the development of new projects. She has ten years of experience in the theatre and audiovisual sector. She has a degree in Dramatic Art, specialising in Gestural Interpretation from the Resad. Since we worked on her graduate research project, her “Negrificada” investigates on the corporal expression of black people in the Iberian Peninsula from the literary works extracted from the XV-XVII century. From this initiative, she created a short piece of physical theatre called “Sofonisba in the Golden Century”. She also graduated from the Film Scriptwriting course offered by the UNED and participated in the audiovisual creation training programme of Acerca Cine. LA FÁBRICA, Notodofilmfest. She gave life to “Asunto Casting”, an online miniseries that narrates the castings faced by a girl of African descent who seeks to find her place on the big screen. She produces, directs and performs in this project that can be seen on Youtube. She has produced several short films including “Negación”, “No está” and “Soy actriz”. She has been part of the development and creation team adapting Lucía Mbomio’s book, “Hija del Camino”, for Netflix. She is currently developing a series project with the production company Fasten Films.


PhD in Art History from the University of Seville. Professor of Art History at the University of Seville. His career has been recognised with the National End of Career Prize (special mention) awarded in 1997 for the best academic record and the Focus Prize for the best doctoral thesis. He has been awarded the Ateneo de Sevilla History Prize and the 2nd Alfonso E. Péerez Sánchez International Prize. He has been secretary of the international conferences Diego Velázquez (1999) and Andalusia Baroque. He has participated in the drafting of the inventories of the Church of Seville and the convent of San Francisco de Moguer, financed by the Junta de Andalucía. He has also directed the inventory of the heritage of the University of Seville. He has carried out research stays in Rome, Perugia, London and Stockholm. He has been director of the Photo Library Research Service of the Laboratorio de Arte. He has organised the international conferences “La imagen artística de Andalucía” (2009-2015), as well as the I and II Jornadas Internacionales Fotografía y Patrimonio (2015;2016). He is an evaluator of MINECO projects. Member of the scientific committee of the journal ARTIS ON. Lisbon (Portugal). Responsible for the conservation and cataloguing of the historical-artistic heritage of the University of Seville from 2016 to the present. He is general director of culture and heritage of the University of Seville. He has been responsible for several research projects funded by the Regional Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education.

Master-Class by Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese, filmmaker & visual artist

In a unique, just like his films, artist encounter, we talk with award-winning director and visual artist Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese about his creative and professional career. Mosese’s gaze is considered among the most innovative of contemporary sub-Saharan cinema. In fact, several of his films have been awarded at the most prestigious festivals in the world and presented at FCAT.    

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Born in 1980 in Hloste, Lesotho, Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese is a self-taught filmmaker based in Berlin. He participated in the 2012 Berlinale Talent Campus with his short film Loss of Innocence. As part of Focus Feature’s Africa First Programme, he made Mosonngoa, the Mocked One in 2014. Behemoth or the Name of God was presented at Clermont-Ferrand’s festival. His first feature film Mother, I Am Suffocating, This Is My Last Film About You won six awards at the Final Cut in Venice workshop and went on to premiere at the 2019 Berlinale. He was one of three filmmakers selected for the Biennale College—Cinema lab, with his second feature film This Is Not A Burial, It’s A Resurrection, that premiered at the Biennale of Venice.

Javier H. Estrada is a film critic, professor and programmer.

He is a contributing editor for the film magazine Caimán. Cuadernos de Cine (formerly known as Cahiers du Cinema. España).

He is Head of Programming for the Seville European Film Festival, co-founder and Head of Programming of FILMADRID. International Film Festival, and member of the selection committee of the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen.

He works as professor in the Camilo José Cela University (Madrid), ECAM (The Madrid Film School), and since 2016 coordinates the film course Audiovisual (R)evolutions for Master LAV film school (Madrid).