Press accreditation

If you want to be accredited at the 19th FCAT you need to know:

  • The accreditation is only for journalists who come in person to Tarifa.
  • The accreditation is only given to the people designated by a media (press, online media, television, radio and press agencies) to cover the Festival.
  • The accreditation will give you access to the festival screenings (although you will have to exchange your ticket beforehand), to the professional spaces (except for the Aula de Cine, only with previous registration) and to the FCAT 2022 activities. On arrival you will have to ask for your accreditation at the festival reception, located in the foyer of the Teatro Alameda (Paseo de la Alameda), where you will be given all the information you need about the programme and the festival.
  • The deadline to submit the accreditation request is May 25th.
  • We need you to attach a letter of application signed by the director or chief editor of your media or of one of the media where you will be publishing.
  • For those of you who can’t come to Tarifa, the communication team is at your disposal for whatever you need: interviews, material, contents, etc…
  • On our website you will find all the information about the program and parallel activities, in streaming… We will also inform you by mail through the press releases that we will publish. If you feel like it, subscribe to our newsletter where we will make recommendations and more during the festival.