Presentation of the Libros del Baobab book collection

In Spain, very little African literature is published and read. To address this situation, the literary collection Libros del Baobab has been launched by Sonia Fernández (Literáfricas), Chema Caballero (África no es un país and Mundo Negro) and Alejandro de los Santos (Afribuku and FCAT). The project aims to create a community of readers to fund the translation of African authors into Spanish. Libros del Baobab will publish two books a year, as well as offering a series of rewards for subscribers to the collection. The first novel, which is already on sale, is Estoy solo by Mauritanian writer Beyrouk. It is the first novel from Mauritania to be translated into Spanish. The second volume will be available in September: Camarada Papá by the Ivorian author Gauz. 

Between the Lines

In 2017, we launched a series of literary tours of the streets of Tarifa, accompanied by writersTo supplement the section dedicated to Sudanese cinema in this edition, we will be reciting selected texts from the book Seasonof Migration to the North by Sudanese writer Tayyeb Saleh. The novel is viewed by critics as one of the most important works of Arabic literature in the 20th century. It explores some of the issues exposed by the pioneers of Sudanese cinema, such as emigration, exile, postcolonial relations and identity.  

Domingo 30 de mayo

 a writer and NGO consultant in Africa. He writes for media outlets such as África no es un país and Mundo Negro. He teaches on several master’s courses at universities in SpainHe is a co-founder of the Libros del Baobab African literature collection.  

a Sudanese singer who lives in Spain. Born to a large family of Sudanese artists and intellectuals, she has recorded several albums and worked with many artists in both Spain and Africa.  

Presentation of the book Small Country by Gaël Faye

This edition of FCAT counts with the film Petit Pays by Eric Barbier, based on the successful novel by French-Rwandan musician and writer Gaël Faye. The Rwandan genocide, which happened 27 years ago this year, is narrated from a child’s perspective in this fast-paced tale. The novel published by Ediciones Salamandra will be available for sale during the festival at the reception at Teatro Alameda. 

Presentation of the book Contemporary African Cinema: Critical Perspectives by Olivier Barlet

Recently published in Spain, this is the second book about African cinema to be published in Spanish. It is hugely important for film critics, academics and lovers of African cinema and film in general. The author, Olivier Barletfounded the Africultures portal to promote African culture and has spent almost thirty years writing reviews, interviews, articles and books about African cinema. Over time, he has become one of the most respected experts on the subject and his work has been rewarded with the Art et Essai Prize from the Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée in FranceIn the book, Barlet explores some critical questions raised by the evolution of African cinema over the last decade, offering a personal vision of the recent development of a film industry that remains largely unknown.