MAY 31

Film books, author's books: presentation of Olivier Barlet's "Contemporary African Cinema"

Over the last two decades, African cinema has been undergoing a profound rupture for several reasons: a new relationship with reality, renewed aesthetic strategies and the emergence of a post-colonial popular cinema. In this book, Olivier Barlet addresses the critical questions raised by these developments, offering a personal view of the recent development of a cinema that is  quite unknown, but which is struggling to take its place in world cinema. This book, which has also been translated into English and Arabic, is an indispensable synthesis to challenge preconceived ideas and to enrich the approach on cinema as a critical art. “The work of Olivier Barlet, a tireless researcher and passionate critic of African cinemas, is to be commended”. (Cahiers du Cinéma) “The new reference work on all the subjects that cinema in Africa deals with”. (Slate Afrique) “Olivier Barlet is a living encyclopaedia of African cinema”. (Jeune Afrique)

Opening presentation by Juan Jaime (Casa África) and Mane Cisneros (FCAT)

ZOOM online event

Available Languages: Spanish  and French

Registration will remain open until full capacity is reached.


Olivier BARLET. He was a literary agent and translator of works on Africa before devoting himself to the study of African cinema and to criticism for various magazines (Africa International, Afrique-Asie and Continental), then since 1997 for Africultures where he has published nearly 1800 articles. He is an advisor to the programming of the Festival des films d’Afrique d’Apt and of the docmonde page on the tenk.fr website. Main published works: Les Cinémas d’Afrique noire, le regard en question, L’Harmattan, 1996 (Prix Art et Essai du CNC 1997 and translated into English, Italian and German) and Les Cinémas d’Afrique des années 2000, L’Harmattan, 2012 (translated into English, Arabic and Spanish).


Journalist, film critic and trainer for Médias France, he has been producing reports and film programmes for several years, notably for RFI. He is also a film director and author of books on the 7th art, including a book on the filmmaker Djibril Diop-Mambety. He contributes to various publications or digital editions such as La Lettre de la francophonie. Michel Amarger is co-founder of the Africiné network, the African Federation of Film Critics, and the Afrimages structure. He co-founded the pan-African magazine Awotélé. A consultant and programmer for festivals, he coordinates debates and round tables while teaching cinema at the University of Paris. Michel Amarger is a member of the Syndicat Français de la Critique de Cinéma.

PHOTO: Philippe Ammon.

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