Tarifa African Film Festival-FCAT post-production workshop FCAT LAB extends its deadline to 28 March

The 20th edition of Tarifa’s festival, from 28 April to 7 May, will continue to focus on new productions and the visibility of Andalusian and national post-production companies.


Seville, 15 February 2023. The Tarifa African Film Festival – FCAT, which celebrates its 20th edition from 28 April to 7 May 2023, will feature a new edition of FCAT LAB, the post-production workshop that will programme one-to-one meetings and a project market, awarding a total of €25,000 in prizes for the development of African film productions.

If on one side in recent years we can register an increasing production of African films, on the other side we can highlight the greater interest that these works generate in the main international festivals, as shown for example by the first prize at Rotterdam Film Festival 2023 for the documentary Le spectre de Boko Haram by the Cameroonian director Cyrielle Raingou. Still, compared to film production in many other regions of the world, African cinema remains under-resourced and unfairly suffers from lower visibility compared to other cinema industries.

Program and prizes

The third edition of FCAT LAB, which will be held on 4 and 5 May 2023, continues its commitment to the African cinema industry thanks to the support of the AECID, the Goethe Institut Madrid and the collaboration of various Andalusian, Spanish and European companies. With this initiative FCAT continues to provide tangible support to feature film projects from Africa through prizes awarded and presentations to sales agents, distributors, VOD platforms, programmers, and buyers in general.

The project will have three international juries present in Tarifa, who will be in charge of awarding the post-production prizes. New this year is the prize awarded by the digital color grading company La Colorá (Seville), which joins FCAT LAB offering a prize worth €5,500 for the grading of a feature film.

Besides that, the prizes awarded in the last edition are confirmed: Tres Gatos Sonido (Seville) offers a prize worth €5,000 for the editing and sound mixing of a feature film; Laserfilm (Madrid) will award a prize worth €5,000 for the translation and localization of subtitles in Spanish, English and French, the creation of a package of materials for international distribution, including the creation of a spotting list and a DCP master; international sales agency and distributor Sudu Connection (Paris) will provide the development of an international film festival distribution strategy, including the design of an international festival roadmap and festival applications, for a value of €2,500; Tomahawk Digital Cinema Services S.L. (Vigo) offers a prize worth €2,500 for the creation of an international distribution package.2,500 for the creation of a package of materials for international distribution, including the creation of a DCP master; Bienza Traducciones (Seville) also confirms a prize worth €2,500 for the translation and localization of subtitles for a feature film and a 30% discount for the translation and localization of subtitles in a second language. Finally, the African Film Festival will award the FCAT prize of €2,000 in cash to the winning project, which will also be scheduled in one of the following editions of the festival.



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